Giorgio Casari was born in Pavia in 1962 and moved to Florence in 1967. He began painting in 1977, independently for one year, then through individual drawing and painting lessons at painter Renzo Dotti’s studio, as well as under the mentorship of Art Historian, Carlo Del Bravo. In the same period, he attended afternoon drawing classes at the Free Academy of the Nude, where he met two young German artists, from whom he received important insipiration in his own artistic development. From here, the idea was born to travel to Germany to study art in 1981. After receiving his high school diploma in scientific studies in 1982 he moved to West Berlin, where in October of that year he began his studies at Hochschule der Künste, the Academy of Fine Arts, under the direction of Prof. Marwan. In 1986 he travelled to the USA for six months, working and painting in New York and San Francisco. In 1988 he graduated from the West Berlin Academy of Fine Arts and in 1992 he returned to Italy and went to live and paint in the Tuscan countryside in Chianti, at S. Donato in Poggio. In 1996 he moved to Rome where he currently lives and works.

Group exhibitions

1983 “Klasse Marwan“ Academy of Fine Arts, West Berlin
1983 “Maler aus Berlin“ Rathaus Gauting, Munich
1999 “Miti e Micromiti” by Giovanna Uzzani, Cassioli Museum, Asciano 
2000 “Roma e il suo fiume” E.M. Eleuteri, Torretta at Ponte Milvio, Rome
2001 “Artists in Wonderland”curated by Ralph Wollheim, Alte SchuleBaruth, Baruth (Berlin)
2002 “Montags” curated by Marwan, West Berlin Academy of Fine Arts
2003 “San Francesco a Ripa” Prize, curated by M. Pochesci, Military Historical Museum, Rome
2003 54thAnnual Michetti Prize, curated by D. Trombadori, Francavilla al Mare (Chieti)
2004 “Il viandante e la conchiglia” (The Wanderer and the Shell), Hotel Scoiattolo, Baselga di Piné (Trent)
2004 “Simboli” (Symbols), Gard Gallery, Rome
2006 “Fragile”, Hotel Scoiattolo, Baselga di Piné (Trento)
2008 “Sommerimpression - Contemporary Realism”, TVDART Gallery, Berlin
2009 “One World”, Infantellina Contemporary Gallery, Berlin
2009 “Il giocattolo” (TheToy), Palazzo Rospigliosi, curated by Francesco Zero, Zagarolo (Rome)
2010 “Macro”, Spaziottagoni, curated by Giuseppe Salerno, Rome
2010 “Der Spaziergang des Künstlers” (The Artist’s Stroll), Galerie Sophien-Edition, Berlin.

Individual exhibitions

1997 “Giorgio Casari”, curated by C. Rava, “L’Isola” Gallery, Trent

1998 “In memoria di Mario Mariotti II” (In Memory of Mario Mariotti II), curated by Paola Bortolotti and Giovanna Uzzani, Florence Dance Center, Florence

1998 “Micromiti” (Micromyths), hosted by Susanna Ragionieri and Francesco Tricca, Florence

2000 “Presepe 2000” (Nativity 2000), Savings Bank of Civitavecchia, Rome

2004 “Il cielo e la terra” (Heaven and Earth), Palazzo Farnese, Gradoli (Viterbo)

2005 “Es ist einmal...”(Now upon a Time…) Goldschmiede Annette Kreutter (jeweler’s studio), Cologne

2005 “La mia storia con l'Agnello” (My Story with the Lamb), Goldschmiede Annette Kreutter, Cologne

2006 “Figuren” (Figures), Rieder Gallery, Munich

2007 “Aktuelle Positionen” (Contemporary Positions), Golkar Gallery, Cologne

2009 “La madre armena” (The Armenian Mother), Vista Gallery, Rome

2011 “Disegni, studi e bozzetti” (Drawings, Studies, and Drafts), Leoniana Bookshop, Rome

2011 Design and completion in wall painting and mosaic of the side naves of the Regina Pacis Church, Rome.

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