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The owner of the treatment is Giorgio Casari

Data processing

The personal data collected through the registration procedures for the services will be stored on electronic databases in accordance with the Regulation specified in the technical specifications regarding minimum security measures, Annex B. The user's personal data will be used by me in accordance with the principles protection of privacy established by Legislative decree n. 196 of 30 June 2003 and by other existing rules. This statement concerns personal data sent by the user upon registration, as well as those derived from visits to and surfing on our website.
I submit the personal information of users to all the processing operations contemplated in Legislative Decree 196/03, namely the collection, recording, organization, storage, processing, editing, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection and any other operation useful for provide services requested, including disclosure to third parties where required predominantly with automated and computerized. These data are organized in databases and archives.
In particular, the purposes of processing personal data are the following:
- Provide the services;
- Providing the information and / or send communications regarding the service;
- Ensuring that all accounting and tax;
If the user has provided consent to registration to the mailing list, the data controller may:
- Providing information on the services offered by me and / or its subsidiaries and / or controlled companies, as well as commercial partners and outsourcers, information that may be of interest to the user, without this resulting in transfer of personal data to third parties . I pledge never to transfer the data of its customers to third parties;
- Check the quality of services offered, also offering after-sales services;
- Sending notices and advertising information about products and initiatives and third parties;
- Carry out market surveys and statistics, marketing and product preferences.

What is a cookie?
Browser Cookies
Cookies are pieces of information that the Web site fits into your navigation device when you visit a page. They may involve the transmission of information between the Web site and your device, and between the latter and other sites that operate on our own or in private, as established in the respective Privacy Policy. We may use cookies to gather the information we collect about you. You can choose to receive a notice each time a cookie is sent or to disable all cookies by changing your browser settings. Disable cookies, however, some of our services may not function properly and you can not access many features designed to enhance your browsing experience on the site. For more information about managing and disabling the browser's cookies, see the last section of this policy on cookies.
Using various types of cookies with different functions. For more information about cookies and their general duties, visiting an information website as
What are the types of cookies that may be used?
The cookies that may be used on our website fall into the categories shown below. These descriptions can help you determine how you want to interact with our Web site and other online services.
Technical cookies
Technical cookies are those used for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide that service.
They are not used for other purposes and are normally installed by the owner or operator of the website.
Can be divided into the navigation cookies or session, which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or authenticate to access restricted areas); analytics cookies, similar to the technical cookies when used directly by the site operator to collect information, in aggregate form, the number of users and how they visit the site; cookies of functionality, that allow a user browsing the function of a set of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service rendered to the same.
Disabling cookies may limit your ability to use the site and prevent you from fully benefiting of features and services on the site. To decide which to accept and which to reject, is illustrated below is an outline of cookies used on the Site.
Types of cookies used
First Party Cookies
The cookies of the first part (ie cookies that belong to the publisher's site that created them) are set by the user visited website, whose address appears in the URL box. The use of cookies allows us to operate the site efficiently and to track the visitor behavior patterns.
Third-party cookies
The third-party cookies are set by a different domain than the one visited by the user. If a user visits a site and a different company sends the information using that site, you are in the presence of third-party cookies.
Session cookies
The session cookies they are temporarily stored and is deleted when the user closes the browser. If you register with the Site, may use cookies that collect personal data in order to identify you on subsequent visits and facilitate access - login to the site (for example, keeping your username and password) and the navigation on the same. This site also uses cookies for system administration purposes. The Site may contain links to other sites. I have no control over cookies, web bacon and other tracking technologies used on third party sites that the user can access the site, the availability of any content and material that is published or obtained through such sites and related treatment modalities of personal data; In this regard, considering the amount of such third party web sites, expressly decline all responsibility. You should check the privacy policy of any third party sites that are accessed from the website to know the conditions applicable to the processing of personal data since the Privacy Policy of this website applies only to the Site as above defined.
Persistent cookies
Persistent cookies are stored on the user device between browser sessions, allowing you to remember any preferences or user actions on a site. They can be used for different purposes, for example to remember the preferences and choices when using the Site.
Cookies of sharing on social networks
These cookies facilitate the sharing of site content through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. To view the respective privacy policies and cookies you can visit the Web sites of social networks. In the case of Facebook and Twitter, you can visit and
Enabling / disabling of cookies through the browser
There are several ways to manage cookies and other tracking technologies. Changing your browser settings, you can accept or reject cookies or choose to receive a warning before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. I remind you that totally disabling cookies in the browser you may not be able to use all of our interactive features.
If you use multiple computers in different locations, be sure that each browser is set to suit your preferences.
You can delete all the cookies installed in your browser's cookie folder. Each browser has different procedures for managing settings. Visit the official website of each browser to get specific instructions.

Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.